WordPerfect Office X8 :WordPerfect places minimum margin of 3" at bottom of legal page.

In some situations, WordPerfect may persistently enforce a minimum margin of approximately 3" at the bottom of a legal sized page (at the right if the page is set to landscape)

This issue can occur when a printer driver reports to some programs that the largest paper the printer can accept is Letter size. This can be worked around while creating the document by selecting the Microsoft XPS document writer which ships with Windows. When it comes time to print, the user can publish to PDF and print the resulting PDF. Here are the steps for both parts.

To select a virtual print driver which supports large paper sizes such as Legal:
1. Open your document in WordPerfect
2. Click File, Print
3. If needed, select the Main tab at the top.
4. Select "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" under "Name"
5. Click Close.
6. Set the paper size under File, Page Setup if neded.

To print the document to paper:
1. In WordPerfect click File, Publish to PDF.
2. Ensure that "Open PDF after saving" is checked.
3. Provide a file name.
4. Click "Publish".
5. When the PDF opens, print it as normal from your PDF viewing application.

Note: This issue first appeared in WordPerfect X7.2

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