Video Copy and Convert: How To Convert Video Using Video Copy and Convert

1. Below are the instructions to follow to open Video Copy & Convert

    * Run Creator NXT

    * Click Videos

    * Click Copy and Convert Video


2. To add a video that you want to convert, click on Movies. Then search for the video that you want to convert then add it. After adding video(s), you’ll see the image below to choose a file format.


3. You can choose from variety of categories and file formats available for conversion. In this example, we’ll convert it in an MPEG-2video format. Click on Video.


4. You can customize some of the configurations on the video. Just click on Custom then you can click the drop-down buttons to choose other options. In this example, click on the drop-down button for Compression and choose MPEG2.


5. When you’re done, click on the Big green button on the lower right of the screen to start converting.

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