Painter crashes right on start-up

In some cases, after installing Painter on Mac OSX, users are experiencing an immediate crash of the software and are unable to continue.

There are several steps to check to see if this can be corrected.

1) Ensure your short name does not have any spaces

a) Click on the Apple icon on the upper left of your screen.
b) Click on System Preferences


c) In System Preferences open Users and Groups

d) Unlock the screen by clicking on the lock icon in the lower left of the window

e) Right Click <CMD+Click> on your user name and click Advanced Options

f) Verify the account name does not have a space and that both the account and home folders match..

NOTE: You can also verify by opening a Terminal Window and looking at the given path

2) Creating a symbolic link to the user folder

In some system cases, a system will have more than one hard drive connected to their machines. In these cases, the main drive hold only the Operating System, while the secondary and other drives will hold the User Folder and Applications. If this is the case of your machine, using Terminal user the following command example to create a symbolic link to your User Directory:

sudo ln -s path_of_the_home_folder /Users/accountname

For the purpose of the screen-shots above; this was sudo "ln -s /Volumes/DataHD/techsupp /Users/techsupp" as our home folder is on the HD named DataHD in a folder called techsupp and the account is named techsupp

3) The last possibility is that there is a tablet connected and it’s software is out of date. To Check this, click on Go, then choose Applications.

Then open the Wacom folder and launch the Wacom Tablet Utility

Once open, click on the Wacom Tablet Utility at the top of the screen and choose About Tablet Utility

If the version number is as you see in this screen

then you are running an older version of the software and river. Close this window and then press the remove button on the main screen.

Once it’s complete, you will see

Click OK and restart your computer.

Should Painter not launch, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.

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    Lynda Miller

    I have this same problem with my Windows 10 computers.  Your help people have not been able to help me.

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    Mark Gallicchio

    i also am using win 10 and have the same attempts to start and then immediately closes

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    Lynda Miller

    I seem to have had success in getting my Painter 17 working again on Win 10.  I tried uninstalling my Wacom tablet and restarting Windows, then reinstalling the tablet driver and restarting, then uninstalling Painter 17 and restarting and reinstalling it and still didn't solve my problem.  Tonight, I uninstalled Painter 17, then checked in my Program files>Corel>Painter 17 to see what was left.  Inside this folder, I found two files that were left.  I deleted these files, then reinstalled Painter 17.  It is now open and waiting for me to start Painting.  My fingers are crossed!

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    Adrian Kole

    I have been fighting to get Painter Essentials 5 to work on my Inspiron 17 with Windows 10 (have tried with and without Anniversary edition update--inherently has .NET 4.6, please don't point me down the .NET 4.5.2 non-issue to me) without success.  Can see that "Painter Essentials 5" process starts in Task Manager--and then it exits shortly thereafter with no window displaying.

    Really, Corel, this is such a common and frustrating problem that is obviously affecting many people (just do a cursory Google search).  Are you guys not paying any attention at all to this issue?!  The one-and-only hotfix was released 3/19/2015.  Today is 1/8/2017.  You guys don't even have the equivalent topic for this for Windows--only for Mac.  Ignoring this issue is not going to make it go away--or win any loyalty.

    Was hoping to be able to use PE5 with my new medium Wacom Intuos tablet.  I am almost to the point of giving up on this and trying one of the few (free) alternative drawing packages.  BTW, I am not going to go through a litany of what I tried to do to get this stuff working and I am not going to have my intelligence insulted with overly-simplistic suggestions of things I have tried (and yes my computer IS plugged in!).  Suffice it to say that I have tried common suggestions other people have offered and uninstalled and installed I-don't-know how many times.

    I'm SO done with this.

    Edited by Adrian Kole
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    Catherine Denvir

    I purchased and downloaded Painter 17 upgrade a couple of days ago.I use Mac Pro retina lap top, system Sierra 10.12.2.The first day Painter worked fine no problems at all. The next day it refused to launch ´Corel Painter bit Unexpectedly `dialogue box.

    Tried all the solutions above and other recommendations for a fix on help boards, nothing worked.

    An Official Apple Support thread said they had been told  by Corel to launch the application as a guest user, which I did and it worked. However this is hardly a professional permanent solution, documents created as guest user are deleted on shut down or log out so much faff of copying onto memory drive entailed.I`m sure as a professional company Corel have a solution.


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    Jenn Etcheverry

    Adrian Cole - same issue here.


    I am definitely not happy. I would like to be able to launch this software using windows 10. Where is the fix for this? Who is working on it? Anyone?


    No it will not launch in run as administrator, with and without compatibility for windows 8, and there is no successful troubleshooting. I tried to launch with and without my Intuos Tablet plugged in. Nothing will work. My computer is brand new, updated, with 2 excellent video cards.


    YES its also plugged in. FIX IT!

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    Steve Hughes

    Same issue with Windows 10. Custom built and all up to date. It worked exactly twice before this started up. My search has lead me to believe this has been going on for some time. I have found no recent updates for the program. It's as if Corel doesn't care about the product or their users.

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