PaintShop Pro X9: RAW Camera Support



For a complete list of camera support,  click here  

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    Esmond Brown

    Fujifilm X-T2 .RAF raw files will not open in Paint Shop Pro X9/Camera Raw Lab despite being on the list of supported cameras.

    Aftershot 3 works (after installing .afzcam profile)

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    Van Estes

    This page says

    PaintShop Pro X9: RAW Camera Support

    Instead it links to  PaintShop Pro 2018.  My question goes unanswered.


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    H Drewer

    Canon EOS 5D M IV?

    Can't figure it out because the link leads to PSP 2018 supported cameras...

    There it is listed, but in PSP 9 I have pink fog and some borders - (IMO) due to the dual pixel format.

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