Pinnacle Studio 19: Exported files may be out-of-sync

NOTE: This article applies ONLY to Pinnacle Studio 19

If you are experiencing an issue in Pinnacle Studio 19 where exported files are out of sync, the steps below may resolve the issue:

1. Ensure that your Pinnacle Studio 19 has been patched with the latest 19.5.1 patch.
2. Before running the patch in step 3, you must close Pinnacle Studio 19
3. Click here to download and run the patch to resolve the Audio-Video sync problem:


For additional technical support, go to

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    Gary Levy

    I am having the same problem in Pinnacle Studio 20.5.

    I bought a newer faster computer and video card a few years ago, so this would not happen.

    Why is it still happening?

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    שמעון אטיאס

    עד עתה לא היתה בעיה האפשרות של smart movis עבד ללא דופי    

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