VideoStudio Pro: Restoring Previously Purchased Content

This tutorial is designed to assist users in restoring their previously purchased content to a fresh copy of VideoStudio Pro, such as after reinstalling the program, or migrating software to a new computer.

After installing and updating VideoStudio, launch the program.

 From within the program, navigate to the Help menu and select "Restore Purchases...".. 



This will open a dialog box requesting the email used to purchase your additional content. Enter your email address, and select “Continue”.



Once complete, VideoStudio Pro will retrieve your additional content, and display a list of all content successfully added.



Your content is now restored. You can resume using VideoStudio , with all of the additional fonts, plugins, templates, and other content you may have purchased.

NOTE: If any of the purchases you restored require installation, you can find those in the Welcome page, My Library. 

Additional information on locating items purchased In Product



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