PaintShop Pro X9: How to control messages in PaintShop Pro X9



How to control messages delivered by PaintShop Pro X9

You can control messages delivered by PaintShop Pro X9. This includes choosing the type of messages that appear and the frequency of tray notifications. Although not recommended, you can disable most messages.


Note: Many Corel products use tray notifications to communicate with users. If you choose to turn off tray messages for PaintShop Pro, you will still receive tray notifications from your other Corel products unless you turn off the tray notifications for each product. For other Corel products, refer to the product Help for more information about controlling messages..


To control messages delivered by PaintShop Pro X9

  1. In PaintShop Pro, click Help menu > Message Preferences.




2. In the Message Preferences window, do any of the following:

  • To hide product and content offers, which may include free or paid items, uncheck the Keep me informed with the latest product related messages check box.
  • To hide update messages, uncheck the Automatically download free product updates and notify me before installing check box.
  • To control tray notifications choose one of the following options from the Receive updates/offers as tray notifications drop-list:
    • Once a day
    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Do not show me tray messages for this application


To clear messages that are already downloaded

  • For update messages, installing the recommended update will stop the message from appearing.
  • For windows that show other messages (more than one message might be downloaded), enable the Do not display this message again check box.





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    Hopeful Corel Paintshop Pro 9x will take care of all my photo and video modifications. I like the tutorials so far. If I am having a problem and questions I will contact you. Your on-line help has already answered  some of my questions. I came close to purchasing Photoshop CS6. Was just too expensive. From what I have seen so far looks like Pro 9x will do it all.


    Morgan Chapman

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    Edited by Saarihannu
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    WR Walker

    I set message preferences to "Do not show me tray messages for this application" weeks ago, but for the last few days I have been getting ad popups once a day trying to get me to buy the new version.


    I just upgraded to X9, ffs. I don't need to upgrade again right now. Stop pestering me.

    Edited by WR Walker
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    You are not alone, WR. I've "disabled" messages in both the 32 and 64 bit versions of my PSP X6 and X9, and the pop-ups keep coming. I've now sent a request to Tech Support for instructions on stopping the pop-up, but I don't hold out much hope.

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    Caleb Murdock

    Stupidly, Corel spams its paying customers! The program that does the spamming is located in a folder called Messages. Follow these instructions:

    (1) In Windows' Start menu, type %appdata% and hit Enter.

    (2) Double-click the Corel folder to open it.

    (3) Delete the Messages folder.

    Now you must do one of two things.

    (4) Create an empty folder called Messages and then change the permissions so that Corel's programs cannot access the empty Messages folder. (If you don't change permissions so that the new Messages folder can't be accessed, then your Corel program will reinstall the nag program in the new Messages folder.)

    OR (and this may be easier)

    (4) Create a file called Messages in the Corel folder (where the Messages folder used to be). (The Messages file must not have an extension.) With a file named Messages sitting in the folder, Corel will not be able to recreate the Messages folder and reinstall its nag program.

    The people at Corel are DUMB, DUMB, DUMB to nag customers who have paid for their programs!

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    WR Walker

    Thanks Caleb, I'll give that a try!

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    Diane Sweet

    Hi Everyone and thanks for your feedback,

    We have posted a new article on the subject and hope it will help.  Here is the link:




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