Toast 18: Uninstall Procedure - Complete version

This article walks you through a complete uninstall of Toast 18. If you have not tried the “quick uninstall” procedure yet, we recommend you do before diving into this article, as it will be sufficient in most cases. You can jump directly to that article here. On the other hand, if you have already tried the quick uninstall procedure and the issue persists, this complete uninstall procedure might help. Note that this procedure involves advanced steps that you may not find comfortable. If so, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a more experienced user.

Note: Throughout this article, folders have been designated with a starting and ending forward slash (/) so as not to confuse them with individual files.

Note as well that you might not have all files and/or folders listed in the sections to follow, as the items on these lists will depend on your Toast 18 apps (“Extras”) usage. If you have never used the app in question, its supporting files will not have been created and will not appear in the designated locations.


To start the procedure, open the "Applications" folder and trash the following:

1.  /Toast 18 Titanium/ Contains the following executables.

  • Toast
  • Toast
  • Toast Audio
  • Roxio Secure
  • MyDVD
  • MultiCam Capture and
  • Live Screen
  • DiscCatalogMaker




Open "Macintosh HD", then press Command + Shift + Period (yes, the dot) on your keyboard to reveal hidden files and folders.


Once hidden files and folders are revealed (they will have a greyed out look), proceed with the instructions below.

I - Caches

There will be a total of seven (7) folder locations you will need to navigate in order to trash the target file(s) and/or folder(s) containing cached data.

Folder Location #1


Trash the following files. As previously explained, many of the files in this list (and in the succeeding ones) might not be present on your particular system.

In this particular list, each item comes as a pair: a .bom file and a matching .plist file. 



3.       com.roxio.toast.toast18Titanium.MultiCamCaptureandEditing.pkg.plist












Folder Location #2

/Users/roxio_support/Library/Application Support/

Trash the following files.

1. com.corel.toast.mydvd.sfl2
2. com.mac.fujisoft.diskcatalogmaker.sfl2
3. com.roxio.videoplayer.sfl2
4. com.winzip.winzip-mac.sfl2

Folder Location #3


Trash the following folders.

1. /com.roxio.Toast/
2. /com.corel.ToastStub/
3. /com.mac.fujisoft.DiskCatalogMaker/
4. /com.winzip.WinZip-Mac/
5. /DiskCatalogMaker/
6. /MyDVD/

Note: The folders above contain the following files:

a.  Cache.db
b.  Cache.db-shm
c.  Cache.db-wai
d.  *may contain additional files of the same type*

Empty folders contain temporary files that get automatically deleted after use.

Folder Location #4


Trash the following files:


Folder Location #5

/Users/roxio_support/Library/Saved Application State/

Trash the following folders.

1.  /com.roxio.ScreenCapture.savedState/
2.  /com.roxio.Toast.savedState/
3.  /com.corel.Toast.MyDVD.savedState/
4.  /com.roxio.videoplayer.savedState/
5.  /com.corel.Toast-Audio-Assistant.savedState/
6.  /com.Corel.RoxioSecureBurn.savedState/
7.  /com.Corel.ToastSlice.savedState/
8.  /com.Corel.Toast.MCE.savedState/
9.  /com.roxio.Akrilic.savedState/
10.  /com.mac.fujisoft.DiskCatalogMaker.savedState/

Note: The folders above contain the following files:

d. windows.plist
e. *may contain additional files of the same type*

Folder Location #6


Trash folder:



a.  /Catalogs/
b.  MetaDatabase
c.  MetaDatabase-shm
d.  MetaDatabase-wal

Folder Location #7


Trash the following folders.

1. /DiskCatalogMaker Help* (T17)/
   --Contains file: “English.helpindex”

2. /WinZip Help*7.0.4565/
   --Contains file: “WinZip Help*7.0.4565.helpindex”


II - Application Support

Navigate to the specified folder location and trash the two sub-folders containing support files.

 /Users/roxio_support/Library/Application Support/Roxio/

1.  /Roxio/


    a. /DCM/Disc Catalog.dcmd
    b. Roxio

2. /Akrilic/


    a. /SegmentsData/A6753A4E2A5138F875F50E8B5940F4FC (hexadecimal file name may differ per user)


III - Preferences

Navigate to the specified folder location in order to trash the files containing app preference settings.


1. com.Corel.ToastSlice.plist
2. com.roxio.videoplayer.plist
3. com.roxio.restore.plist
4. com.roxio.Toast.plist
5. com.corel.Toast.MyDVD.plist
6. com.roxio.Akrilic.plist
7. com.roxio.ScreenCapture.plist
8. com.corel.Toast-Audio-Assistant.plist
9. com.Corel.RoxioSecureBurn.plist
10. com.Corel.Toast.MCE.plist
11. com.mac.fujisoft.DiskCatalogMaker.plist
12. com.Corel.Registry.plist
13. /Corel/Toast/18.0/userData.json
14. "Roxio Toast Prefs"

Once the above procedure is complete, make sure you also clear the background server process cache. The background server process (which appears as “cfprefsd” in Activity Monitor) loads and stores all preference information contained in the .plist files (which you deleted in the above procedure) to its own memory cache. Forcing cfprefsd to quit restarts the process and clears its cache.

Follow the steps below.

1. Log out from your user account (Apple icon > Log out);
2. Log back into your user account;
3. Click on “Go” on the menu bar and select “Utilities”;
4. Select “Terminal”, launch it and type: ”killall cfprefsd” (without the quotes)
5. Press Return. The prompt should return to your username. Repeat the same command (by either retyping it or by pressing the UP arrow on the keyboard) until you get the return message "No matching processes belonging to you were found"


After you have accomplished the entire procedure above, press Command + Shift + Period once again so that the system files and folders revert to their hidden status. Be sure you do this to protect them from accidental deletion that may lead to serious system issues.

Reboot your Mac and re-install Toast 18. If you no longer have the Toast 18 installer, you may download it here








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