Roxio Creator® NXT Pro 8: Top Reasons to Buy

1. Explore the incredible value inside this fully-loaded disc burning & creativity suite

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8 is a fully-loaded disc burning and multimedia suite with 25+ applications for all of your digital media needs. Access all your favorite Roxio burning and media management tools, plus creative software for video editing, audio editing, digital painting, and more! Enjoy exclusive access to file security and encryption tools, photo animation software, professional photo editing software, and more features that set Pro apart. Dive in and start creating your next project with the incredible value of Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8.

2. Burn discs with industry-leading tools

Roxio Creator delivers industry-leading burning tools and intuitive drag-and-drop controls. Burn data, audio, photos, and videos to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray*. Create backups of important files, burn audio mixes and home movies to disc to share with friends and family, even span large projects across multiple discs. Roxio Creator makes it simple to burn, preserve, and protect your files with easy file backup and burning tools.

* = Plug-in purchase required.

3. Author DVDs with chapters and menus

Roxio Creator has all the tools you need to create professional-looking video discs with customizable chapters and menus with Roxio® MyDVD™. Choose from 100+ themed templates with menus, sub-menus, and chapters. Simply drag-and-drop your videos to add them to your new menu! Creator is the perfect way to combine multiple movies on one disc before burning to DVD and AVCHD discs, to share and replay with friends and family. Add personality to your next home movie project with the creative disc authoring tools in Roxio Creator!

4. Secure, encrypt, and password-protect your information with pro-exclusive file security tools Roxio

Creator NXT Pro 8 delivers more than just disc burning and multimedia creativity—it delivers peace of mind. Leverage exclusive file security tools to protect your important information. Secure your data on disc or USB drive with powerful encryption, and set passwords with customizable password protocols. Even add and remove encrypted data to your removable media! Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8 helps you manage and burn your files securely.

5. Convert your media—from disc to digital, and between digital formats

Roxio Creator makes it simple to capture and convert your media. Convert your DVDs to digital*, rip* and burn audio from discs, and convert local files to popular formats. Even capture video and audio directly from the web! With Roxio Creator NXT 8, you can give new life to your older media by digitizing and enhancing LPs, tapes, and audio from older devices. With all the tools you need to capture,

convert, and enhance your media files, you can share your projects to view across any popular device or social media channel.

*Creator NXT does not copy or convert protected or copyrighted content.

6. NEW Enhance and edit audio with new tools

Enhance your audio files, voiceover recordings, and more with new audio editing tools. Reduce background chatter, wind, or humming sounds with noise reduction tools. Adjust the length of your audio clips to fit your project without altering the pitch, and more! Enjoy cleaner, crisper audio in your next video project, home movie, or music mix. These new audio editing tools round out Roxio Creator as a complete disc burning and creativity suite.

7. Record your screen and capture video—with additional angle support exclusive to Pro!

Record your screen and capture video from multiple devices with MultiCam Capture™. Connect your cameras and capture perfectly-synced video and audio from multiple devices. Preview the camera feed from each connected device in one place and easily adjust each camera’s settings before you begin to record, for effortless editing. Roxio Creator NXT Pro 8 gives you the power to record across two sources, and edit across up to four sources simultaneously. Leverage these included tools to create anything from software tutorials to gaming videos!

8. Edit videos before burning to disc or sharing online—with pro-exclusive filters and features

Roxio Creator delivers easy-to-use video editing tools with VideoWave editing software. Make quick edits, add effects, titles, transitions and music, enhance color, and even stabilize shaky video footage. Drag and drop videos into split screen video templates to creatively show multiple videos simultaneously. Play with track transparency, motion tracking, multi-camera editing, and pro-exclusives, including 360 video conversion! Roxio Creator makes it simple to work with your video files before burning to disc or sharing online.

9. Edit photos with powerful editing software

Roxio Creator NXT 8 takes your digital media creativity further with the powerful photo editing bundle of Corel® AfterShot™3, and newly included PaintShop Pro 2019. Enhance color, reduce red eye, erase wrinkles, and correct imperfections in your photographs with easy-to-use editing tools. Quickly correct and enhance RAW images, and manage large photo collections. Recover detail in overexposed pictures, and even fix distortion! Polish up portraits with precision retouching tools that are ideal for removing dust, smudges, or imperfections. Save time with batch processing tools that help you apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at one time.

10. Extend your photo editing toolkit with photo animation software—exclusive to Pro!

Beautifully animated. Simply uncomplicated. Blur the line between photo and video with images that twist, twirl, and flow. Let the magic of PhotoMirage Express effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes. Customize the direction of the motion in your photo animation by dragging and dropping the motion arrows to fit your vision. PhotoMirage

Express will help you drive engagement, add interest to your social media accounts, and bring your photos to life!

11. Create photo and video slideshows with FastFlick™

Make a movie or slideshow in minutes with FastFlick™. Drag and drop your photos and videos into any template, then customize titles, music, and more to make the project your own. The slideshow tools inside Roxio Creator NXT 8 are the perfect way to compile photos from a special event, vacation, or photoshoot.

12. Keep your computer running like new with included utility software

Maintain, organize, and reclaim your hard drive space with Roxio® Genie. Power-up this utility software to find duplicates, organize files, identify large files, and clean up your hard drive space. Files can be deleted, moved, copied, uploaded to the cloud, or backed up to removable media. Easily browse your drives to see how big your folders are and to understand at-a-glance where your space is going. Roxio Genie will help you clean up your files and keep your computer running quickly.

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